Sports Psychology DegreeA sports psychology degree is ideal for people who combine a passion for both sports and the human mind. In this degree program, students learn techniques for helping individual athletes and teams with the issues related to their particular sport. Athletes often struggle with mental blocks that keep them from reaching their potential. Sports psychology students learn specific techniques on how to counsel athletes in their most difficult times and they work directly with these athletes to unlock potential and overcome chronic problems.

A person might benefit from getting this degree in a number of ways. First, this degree can be a great help for a person who wants to work with a sports team. Even someone who does not want to be a traditional psychologist will become more marketable with this degree in hand. In addition, this degree is specific enough that it allows an individual to access a relatively tight and competitive field. The people who do best in sports psychology programs are those people who have a demonstrated interest in various sports. Though one does not need to be a sports fan in order to be a good sports psychologist, it is easier to relate to clients when you understand where they are coming from and share a similar passion.

How To Find The Top Sports Psychology Degree Programs

When you are looking for the best sports psychology degree programs, you should have some very specific criteria in mind. Good programs provide three primary benefits to their students. First, they provide students with a good foundational background in the classroom. Even the best online sports psychology degree programs give students a chance to build a good theoretical base by studying the relevant doctrines. Good programs will also provide the student with a tremendous amount of hands-on experience, giving them the chance to work in practical situations. Lastly, good sports psychology programs will provide students with solid networking opportunities with real connections within the sports industry. The top accredited schools with the best ranking will offer these things and much more.

One of the best sports psychology programs in the country is located in the psychology department at Central Michigan University. This program provides students with a chance to work on very real cases with real clients. In addition, the program at Texas Christian University is considered to be very strong. This program is strong because of its location. Right in Fort Worth, this program is very close to Dallas and all of the sports opportunities there. Students have a chance to utilize many resources

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With a Sports Psychology Degree

Many sports psychology degree careers are out there for people who successfully complete these programs. You might work directly as a sports psychologist for a team or even for a specific athlete to enhance athlete performance. In addition, a person with this type of degree might work in the front office of a team. Many people who work in the personnel department of professional sports teams have psychology degrees.

Sports psychology degree salaries are actually quite high for people who get in with the right team or firm. For their work, these people are paid around $90,000 per year on average.  The salary for one of these jobs will largely depend upon the team and the league. Some people in the upper reaches of a front office will make in the high six-figures. Others will make anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000.

While a sports psychology degree is imperative to getting a position in this field, people with connections within the sports world may find it somewhat easier to find employment as this industry does tend to be quite insular in nature.

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