School Psychology DegreeA School Psychology Degree is a great choice for someone seeking to apply the principles of psychology in an educational setting. Students enrolled in a school psychology program study the theories and practices that involve the development and behavior of individuals in academic environments, such as elementary and secondary schools. They learn about therapy methods, assessment, intervention strategies, problem-solving techniques, and evaluation methods to help meet the needs of students, families, educators, and administrators. Students also learn about the foundations of education and ethical issues in education. They commonly acquire skills in counseling and consulting. Examples of course topics include behavioral assessment, learning disabilities, socio-emotional assessment, multimodal therapy, ethics in school psychology, statistics for school psychology, individual and group counseling methods, and research methods. Some programs require students to complete internship or placement components to gain hands-on experience and give them an advantage when entering their careers. Individuals who complete a school psychology degree are prepared to work in a wide variety of public and private educational settings working with children, adolescents, young adults, families, and educators. The potential benefits of the degree include enabling graduates to work in rewarding careers that make a difference in the lives of others and having the ability to work in many different settings.

How To Find The Top School Psychology Degree Programs

When searching for the best School Psychology Degree programs, prospective students must consider important aspects of each institution to make sure their academic and personal needs are met. One of the major features is making sure a college or university is accredited. When a school has accreditation it guarantees that it has met specific standards to offer quality academic programs. The ranking of a school is also a helpful characteristic and many publications rank higher learning institutions based on many different criteria, such as retention rate, faculty qualifications, and financial aid programs.

Examples of the top schools for school psychology programs include the University of Michigan and Rider University. The University of Michigan offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Education and Psychology and the program focuses on psychological approaches linked with improvement of education. Students have the ability to research a wide variety of topics, including school and family, resilience and development, cognitive and learning services, and human development. Rider University offers an education specialist school psychology program and it prepares students to become certified school psychologists. It involves a combination of traditional and modern instruction and innovative practical experiences. Additionally, one of the best online School Psychology Degree programs is Argosy University.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With A School Psychology Degree

There are numerous School Psychology Degree careers for graduates of these programs. Examples include school psychologists, intervention specialists, and educational consultants. School psychologists evaluate students in academic settings and diagnose mental, social, emotional, or behavioral illnesses and disorders. They determine the best course of treatment and use a variety of therapy and counseling methods. Intervention specialists strive to help students and teachers reach their maximum potential for academic, intellectual, and emotional growth. They coordinate programs and activities, promote family involvement, and provide education and support to educators and families. Educational consultants work with school districts to assist in creating curricula and improving the overall academic environment. They work with educators and administrators and provide training on new developments and technology.

The School Psychology Degree salaries vary by position, location, employer, and benefits, but in general the average yearly salary for school psychologists is around $56,000; intervention specialists $41,000; and educational consultants $65,000.

A School Psychology Degree is an ideal academic program for those looking for a rewarding career applying psychology to the educational arena.

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