Child Psychology DegreeIf you have an interest in psychology, the mind and working with children, obtaining a child psychology degree and position is a suitable option based on the goals you have set for your own career. Obtaining a degree in psychology and working with children regularly often requires a traditional psychology program to receive a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the field along with hands-on training or an internship. Becoming a child psychologist often requires at minimum, five years of education at a college or university.

Students working towards a career in child psychology learn all of the basic functions of the mind similar to traditional psychology degree programs. Understanding the conscious, subconscious and unconscious behavior along with developmental and age psychology are all subjects covered regardless of the position you want to obtain once you have earned your degree. Those who are are interested in studying the brain and mind while also having the ability to easily identify and communicate with children are most suited with a career in child psychology. It is possible to benefit from a child psychology degree by working to help find permanent homes for foster children or even assisting with counseling in domestic abuse and violence cases.

How to Find the Top Child Psychology Degree Programs

Searching for the best child psychology degree programs can be done by inquiring local universities and colleges while also browsing for the best online psychology degrees as well. Whether you only want to attend an accredited college for psychology or if you simply want to compare the ranking of the colleges you are interested in, doing so online is ideal and can give you even more insight than being limited to visiting only local colleges and universities.

The University of San Diego is one of the best colleges to attend if you are interested in developmental and child psychology. The university itself contains experimental labs for research and studies along with bachelor’s, graduate and master’s programs within the field. Taking advantage of the labs for research purposes is possible for all students who are enrolled and studying in the field of child or developmental psychology (along with clinical and family psychology students).

Another college that is ideal for developmental and child psychology is Harvard University, which offers a degree in child psychology as part of its developmental studies graduate program.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals With a Child Psychology Degree

There are many child psychology degree careers available based on where you live and the field that interests you most. Working with children once you have obtained a degree in psychology is possible by working in schools and public facilities. Another option is to find work as a counselor involving public services and social work.

Some child psychologists work one on one with foster children to find permanent residences and families, whereas other psychologists working mainly with children may counsel children who have been abandoned or even physically, mentally or sexually abused. Because some of the topics are extremely sensitive with children of any age, proper training and etiquette is required, which is learned during the courses of becoming an official psychologist.

Obtaining a job after you have received a child psychology degree is possible by checking local schools, hospitals, mental facilities and even public city buildings depending on the type of work you are seeking out for yourself.

Child psychology degree salaries range from $37,900 to upwards of $150,000 per year with a median annual income of $64,000.