Psychology Degree CareersFor those interested in studying the human condition, there are many psychology degree careers available. Though most people think of psychologists in terms of the work that they do in counseling people, it is important to know that these degrees are highly transferable.

A psychology degree from a good school can provide you with an opportunity to work in a number of different fields. A psychology degree combines a practical and theoretical education. When a student graduates from a good psychology program, he or she will have soft skills, including the ability to read people and tuned interpersonal skills. Graduates will also possess technical skills, including the ability to diagnose personality disorders and other psychological problems.

The University of California at Berkeley features one of the top programs in the world. This program is unique for its focus on developmental psychology. Those who would like to work with children and teenagers would benefit from attending school at Berkeley. In addition, the University of Illinois remains one of the top programs in the country for people who want to work in occupational and industrial psychology. This program provides training for individuals who might eventually work in the business world as psychologists. A person who attends one of these universities can expect to possess a strong and marketable degree.

What You Can Do With a Psychology Degree

When you are looking for a career in psychology, there are many different directions that you might go. Desirable psychology jobs might come in a number of different industries, and they might come under a number of different job titles.

The most common and recognized psychology degree careers are those in the counseling field. Many students will specifically study counseling to give themselves the best preparation for this sort of career. Within the counseling field, a person might work as a family counselor, a drug and addiction counselor or even a school counselor. Family counselors have widely variable salary ranges. Some individuals own their own counseling practice, where their salary is largely dependent upon how well they run that business. In some cases, these individuals will work for school districts and other organizations, where their initial salaries might range anywhere from $50,000 to $90,000. The more education a person has, the better his or her salary will be. School psychologists will see their salaries vary depending upon where they work and the level of funding available for schools. In rural areas and the southern states, for instance, a person might make as little as $40,000. In places where public schools have more founding, like the northeast, someone with a school psychology degree may make salaries in the six figures.

Other individuals will choose to work in any number of big businesses, who hire industrial psychologists to sort out issues within the workplace. All sorts of Fortune 500 companies hire these individuals, and their salaries are in the $90,000 to $110,000 range in the beginning. It is common for people who work in these jobs to have doctorates though some jobs are available for individuals with other graduate degrees. There are many psychology degree careers for individuals with these degrees, whether they work in counseling, clinical psychological, industrial psychological or any other related field.