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Top 10 Best Online Masters in Psychology Degree Programs

Online Masters in Psychology programs are still rather uncommon and the market for such degrees can be tricky to navigate. While all the schools on this list are regionally accredited, it is worth pointing out that the American Psychological Association does not currently accredit any online only program. Many states require degrees to be APA […]

Top 5 Best Online Ph.D. in Psychology Degree Programs 2017-2018

If you’re looking for an online Ph.D. program in psychology, your choices are limited at present. In this ranking, we highlight the top five online Ph.D. programs in psychology out of approximately 12 offered in the United States currently. There are so few because it takes time for universities to develop distance learning strategies that […]

Top 10 Master's in Counseling Degrees Online 2018

Looking for a high-quality and affordable online master’s degree in counseling? You’ll find exactly that in our ranking of the top ten online master’s in counseling degrees. These programs combine affordability and flexibility, with CACREP-accredited curricula. All of the universities and colleges included in this ranking are regionally accredited, and their counseling degrees are accredited […]

Top 5 Psy.D. Online Degree Programs 2018

Are you looking for a flexible way to earn your doctorate in psychology? PsyD degrees online are still pretty rare, but they are becoming more common. This is a ranking of the top five online PsyD degree programs in the United States. This ranking includes both licensure and non-licensure degrees. Licensure-oriented programs are best for […]
University of Florida-Top Ten Online Psychology Degrees

Top 10 Psychology Degrees Online (Bachelor's) 2018

Whether you’re an 18 year-old freshman or a non-traditional student looking to earn your degree, an online psychology degree can be a great place to start. Online degrees are a nice way to save money as room and board tend to be expensive, and if you aren’t 18, you probably don’t want to spend four […]