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Top 10 Psychology Degrees Online (Bachelor’s) 2018

Whether you’re an 18 year-old freshman or a non-traditional student looking to earn your degree, an online psychology degree can be a great place to start.

Top 5 Psy.D. Online Degree Programs 2018

Are you looking for a flexible way to earn your doctorate in psychology?


If you have an interest in psychology, the mind and working with children, obtaining a child psychology degree and position is a suitable option.


For those individuals who possess a knack for problem solving and a keen interest in the areas of science and criminal justice.


A sports psychology degree is ideal for people who combine a passion for both sports and the human mind.


The 160,000 psychologists working in the United States in 2012 earned a median salary of roughly $69,000.

Top 10 Best Online Masters in Psychology Degree Programs

Online Masters in Psychology programs are still rather uncommon and the market for such degrees can be tricky to navigate. While all the schools on this list are regionally accredited, it is worth pointing out that the American Psychological Association does not currently accredit any online only program.

Top 10 Online Master’s in Counseling Degrees

Looking for a high-quality and affordable online master’s degree in counseling? You’ll find exactly that in our ranking of the top ten online master’s in counseling degrees. These programs combine affordability and flexibility, with CACREP-accredited curricula.

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