What is a Psychology Degree?

Psychology DegreePsychology has always been a popular field of study and it represents a great number of students in degree programs in universities all throughout the country and the world. The study of psychology is the study of the mind as well as the behavior that people exhibit. What a student will learn when pursuing a psychology degree is how to understand the reasoning behind certain behaviors and how to identify mental illness in adults and children alike through observation, testing and other methods. In addition, the study of psychology allows for real world applications with patients as well as plenty of room to investigate theoretical applications for psychology.

Fortunately, studying for a psychology degree offers a great deal of potential when it comes to a career. There are multiple sub fields in psychology and a psychology degree can benefit graduates in many different careers such as criminal careers, medical and health-related careers and social work. In addition, many corporations are seeking out individuals with psychology degrees to work in important areas of business such as marketing, corporate executive and human resource positions. There is also the potential of going into private practice or into research with a master’s degree or beyond.

How to Find the Best Psychology Degree Programs

Most universities that offer psychology programs find that this is one of the more popular departments on their campuses. That raises the question of which school offers the best programs. The reality is there are many schools that offer great programs and perhaps one of the best ways to discover which school is ranked the best in your location or for your degree type is to go online. There are several different ranking websites that will list schools in terms of their appeal and in terms of the quality of their programs. For example, Stanford University, a very well respected university, has one of the highest ranked psychology departments in the country. One of the reasons is because Stanford offers several different specialty psychology degrees focusing on behavioral neuroscience, cognitive, developmental, social and experimental psychology. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill also has a psychology department that ranks in the top 15 in the nation. Their specialty is developmental psychology and they offer hands-on experience as the school maintains a treatment facility dedicated to developmental psychology.

Accreditation is also important when choosing a school at which to receive your psychology degree. Without accreditation, it may be impossible to continue your education or even get a job. Thanks to technology, there are many online schools offering quality psychology degrees as well. You’ll want to look for rankings for the best online psychology degree programs and be sure they also have the proper accreditation. For example, this list of the Top 10 Online Masters in Psychology Degree Programs features the six best online psychology degree programs that focus in the general field, as well as four degrees involving different specialized areas of a general psychology degree.

Lastly, you want to find a school that offers the type of psychology degree you’re looking for. There are multiple sub fields of psychology to choose from. Psychology degrees can range from criminal, clinical, sports, school counseling and forensic psychology degrees, just to mention a few.

Careers and Salaries For Someone With A Psychology Degree

When you’re thinking about a career in psychology, the range of pay is a very important consideration for many. With so many different sub fields of psychology the pay scale can be very broad. For example, an entry-level health related psychologist may start out making $40,000 a year. For an industrial organizational psychologist, the starting pay averages around $97,000 per year. A clinical psychologist may earn $63,000 a year while a developmental psychologist, primarily working with children will typically make around $53,000 per year. If, on the other hand you are considering a career in counseling, a sports psychologist has an average annual income of $54,000 per year. A school counselor has an average income of $59,000 per year while a social worker may have an entry-level pay scale of $43,000 annually. It’s very important to understand that your education level and your experience will have a major impact on the amount of money that you make. Someone with a master’s degree or a PhD will have an easier time getting more pay than someone with an psychology degree at the associates or bachelors level.